General Purpose

Our general purpose auger conveyors have been manufactured in England by us for over forty years, supplying both the British and European markets.

Our auger conveyor system is a practical solution for horizontal and inclined conveying of virtually all materials such as grains and feeds in the agricultural, commercial and other industrial applications. These augers will convey almost all free-flowing materials at angles up to 90° efficiently and securely and suit most indoor and outdoor locations.

89mm (3 1/2in), 114mm (4 1/2in), 152mm (6in) and 200mm (8in) diameter conveyors are available in a range of standard lengths from 3.35m up to 12.49m. In addition a complete range of auger extensions enables you to make up the exact length you require.

Accessories General Purpose and High Lift Conveyors

1. Totally enclosed outlet spout and flexible tube   2. Flanged boot with bearing  3.  Vertical intake hopper with guard

4. Horizontal hopper for item 2  5. Low angle intake hopper  6.  Silo unloading trolley  7. Castor wheels