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WELCOME TO RNT Tanks & Silos

Grain Storage Silos / Galvanised Steel Water Tanks

RNT Tanks & Silos Ltd. was formed in 2011 to allow for the continuation of reputable brand Brice Baker a leading UK manufacturer for over 40 years specialising in Galvanised Steel Water Tanks and Grain Storage Silos.

We offer a wealth of sound knowledge and practical experience from agricultural, horticultural, aquaculture and other commercial industries that utilise water and grain storage both in the UK and overseas.

We manufacture first class products and provide the quality services that our customers require for complete satisfaction.

Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN1090 (Construction Products Regulations), all our Tanks and Silos are CE marked and supplied with a Declaration of Performance; a legal requirement since July 2014.

Demountable Steel Water and Grain Storage 

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of water storage systems and grain silos, our team of highly skilled engineers supplies horticultural, agricultural and industrial markets with excellent quality products that are built-to-last and can be modified for specific requirements.

Drawing on years of hands-on industry experience producing equipment for several clients in all these sectors, we offer a wide range of demountable galvanised steel tanks and silos.

We have leveraged the industry’s latest technology and production processes, as well as adapted our own methods to enhance both the manufacturing and installation of all grain storage equipment. Everything we do is with the understanding that what we make must perform exceptionally from the day it is designed and installed and for a great many years after.

The experience and technical skills of our staff mean that we’ll help you to realise the construction goals you have and produce something that perfectly meets your needs and will also stand the test of time. To aid our clients in building the perfect systems for their needs, we offer order consultation and bespoke modification services to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need for the job.

Galvanised Steel Water Tanks

Water tanks are integral to so many different processes and industries. And the exact water tank construction will need to be adapted to offer the best functionality and durability for the situation. When made properly, tanks are reliable, tough, long-lasting, durable and even aesthetically pleasing. They can be used for numerous applications, including domestic, industrial, agricultural and rainwater harvesting.

So if you are looking to store a significant amount of water in a tank that is finished with a hot-dipped galvanised coating, with the option of powder coating to numerous colours as well, our dedicated team of designers and project managers will find the right water tank construction for your needs.

Whether you require a large open top tank or something that can be closed to protect the contents from outside elements, you can be sure that RNT Tanks & Silos can offer you the right equipment for your needs at a price that matches your budget.

Our designs and technology at RNT Tanks & Silos have proven to be particularly suitable for bulk water storage applications in industry, horticulture and agriculture, so if you’re searching for the best demountable steel water tank manufacturers in the UK, look no further!

Our Range



Galvanised Steel Water Storage Tanks

All RNT Steel Water Storage Tanks are high quality products, manufactured from high tensile.

Fish Farming Water Tanks

RNT Tanks can provide small individual units to large capacity commercial solutions for land based fish farming and the aquaculture industry.
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Storage Silos

As one of the UK’s leading grain silo manufacturers, RNT Tanks & Silos provides a wide range of storage tanks & silos, designed & fabricated to exacting industry standards.

We Provide

Service & Support

RNT Tanks & Silos experienced engineers and technical staff are able to take a project from an initial concept through the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of your product. Whether you require a single tank or a complete storage system solution, we are here to recommend the best possible products and applications for your location and budget.

RNT Promise
Project Management
Delivery & Installation


RNT Tanks & Silos Ltd provide our customers with a wealth of practical experience and a sound knowledge of the agricultural, horticultural and any other commercial industries that utilise storage and grain storage and handling mechanisms both in the UK and overseas.

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